Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 16 ~ What's in your makeup bag?

Hi dolls! It's raining so hard here in the Philippines so i'm here stuck in a coffee shop on a Saturday night. Coffee instead of booze. I know, i know my weekend sucks i hope you have a better weekend me. 

In case you dolls are wondering if it's deja vu. Yes I've already blogged about this here: Day 11. I also didn't notice that Day 11 and Day 16 are the same. So instead of showing you  my vanity bag (again -_-") I'll just post pics of my whole makeup storage. (it's not a lot though) 

Mac lippies: Coral Polyp, Naked to the Core, Viva Glam III, Viva Glam II

Avon, Etude House:OR207, Kokuryu:Royal Carrot, Avon:Juicy Papaya, NARS
Smashbox:Deep Red, Revlon:Really Red, Cover Girl:Really Red, Prestige:Wild Flame
Maybelline:FF220, Fashion21:Little Mermaid, Estee Lauder, Sophie:Ice Pink, Sophie:Pink Lover
Avon:Natural Gold, Sophie:Caramel Sugar, Sophie:Cotton Peach, Avon:Terracotta, Estee Lauder:Tender Rose, Estee Lauder, Cover Girl:Coffee Toffee
Lip glosses and lip balms

Mac, Revlon, Etude House, ELF, Mary Kay, Fanny Serrano, Cover Girl, Maybelline
Pop Beauty:London Style Palette 
Pop Beauty Complete set
Elite, Pop Beauty
Stila, Innoxa, Etude House, Clinique, Maybelline
My beloved Mac cosmetics
Smashbox! <3
Clinique all-in-one colour
Long last lipstick: Creamy Nude, Pink Peach, Blushing Nude, Party Red, Pinkberry
Eye shadow quad: Spicy
Face powder: Matte Beige
Blusher: Mocha Pink
Mascara: Black
That's my entire makeup storage sweeties. If you want a review of a certain product in the pictures above holla at me, comment away. :)) 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Quick Update: Instagram Snaps

Hi dolls! Here's something to break my reoccurring hiatus from blogging. I feel like i've been a little too insta-active lately so I thought that it would be nice to show you how the past weeks was for me through pictures. So here; my insta-snaps!

I am in love with nail-art lately. Simple or not. Nice nails are nice! :))
Digital perm at Be@utybrick! **will blog about this sooon. :)

Camho shots. I <3 my curly hair. Whatcha think? 
Shopped at UNIQLO. :) See the sizes?(*im not bragging >.<) Im just so proud of myself for losing so much weight. I used to be a size M and a 29-30ish. *another blog post on this soon. erm when I have time. sorry. -_-"
A very beautiful skyline of Perth. Which I will be seeing sooner or later. Yes i'm moving to Perth!

Lazy day at home on a rainy morning. :3 I <3 bed weather!
I just celebrated my 18th birthday for the fourth time yesterday. The lovely rayban above is a gift from my boyfie. <3<3 Sweet life is sweet!