Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 7 ~ What's in your bag?

Here's what's inside my bag on normal days. :))

1. Cosmetic pouch i got from a friend *See what's inside
2. Belle de Jour planner
3. random pens 
4. Blackberry 8520
5. Ipod
6. Eclipse mints. my favorite mints!
7. Hand sanitizer from Bench
8. Clean & Clear oil blotting film
9. L'oreal cleansing wipes
10. Wallet from Tomato

p/s: I forgot to include my perfume in the pic so if you wanna know i'm using Heiress by Paris Hilton and Elizabeth Arden's 5th Avenue. :)



  1. I always bring an I-pod too :D

  2. I really want that Belle de Jour planner right now where did you get it??

    From dara x

  3. Hi girl thanks for stoping by my,i love your blog