Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 12 ~ 15 random facts about you

Hey dolls! I'm soooo excited I have lots of photos to share to you but since I'm blogging using my iPad ( new! Just got it last nov. 30. Early Christmas gift for me yay!) i'll just save it for my next post.

Now continuing this whole challenge thing (which has become the ultimate proof of how lazy I am) I bring you 15 random facts about moi.

1. I'm a shoe addict, makeup enthusiast, shopaholic and a nail-art fan.
2. I don't play any sport. Tried playing volleyball once, I gave up. I'm too weak to even toss a ball. -_-" I dance though.
3. Shopping has always been my escape.
4. I don't drink hot beverages. Yes even if the weather's super cold. It's more of "I can't" than "I don't"
5. Pizza is the only food I can't live without.
6. I rarely listen to old songs. (songs from my parents generation). Makes me feel so sad.
7. I always wanted to have that Australian accent. #talkaboutsexayyy!
8. I can't ride the elevator alone. -_-" as horrendous as it may sound I have to blame horror movies who uses elevators with ghosts or corpses to scare people. (I'm having goose bumps just thinking about it) or I have monophobia? (I hope not)
9. I have insomnia 
10. I have the biggest celebrity crush on CHRIS EVANS. I've been crushin' on him for as long as I can remember. Thaaaaat looooooong I sometimes call it love. Or maybe it is indeed love. Haha 
11. I don't like ugly nails & untrimmed eyebrows.
12. I turn into a neat freak when I clean my makeup drawer, closet and shoe storage.
13. Math will forever be my nemesis and history will always interest me.
14. Paulo Coelho is the best writer IMO.
15. I'm in a 3 year serious relationship with my best friend. 

Now for my promised outfit post. I'm just editing the pictures. I'll post them soon. :)

Enjoy the rest of your week dolls. Stay pretty!


  1. I have a iPad. If you download the blogger app you can post pics from your iPad. :)

  2. I just downloaded it. Thank you!