Thursday, October 7, 2010

Make-up Design Academy

MDA located at I33 Mother Ignacia Street, (fronting ABS-CBN) Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

"Make-up Design Academy’s founding philosophy was to bring excellence and professionalism in the beauty industry. As an institute, we are committed to provide an extensive programme – to fully prepare our students in every capacity to work competently, competitively and confidently as professional make-up artists.
Whether a student has never picked up a makeup brush or has experience as an artist, the course offerings shall take each one through the absolute basics through to intermediate and advanced technical skills of makeup. Programmes were designed to train students to become highly competitive in the different fields of makeup artistry, whether working on clients, fashion, film & TV, theatre or any other application of the profession. Surely, the central focus of MUD Academy is on the training of techniques of the professional makeup artist, but we also educate our students on the importance of professionalism and business skills."

They offer three modules in different category and some short courses:

Module I:
Beauty and Fashion Hair & Makeup (90 Hours) 
P25,000.  – Inclusive of Basic Brush Set
  • Career Professionalism                                                
  • Professional Products, Supplies and Tools           
  • Sanitation
  • Customer are                                                                 
  • Colour Harmonies
  • The ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look                                       
  • Day and Evening Make-up                          
  • Bridal Make-up                                                     
  • Makeup for Mature Women                           
  • Makeup for Men and Children                  
  • Retro Makeup                                    
  • Photography Makeup                                       
  • Hair Styling 101                    
Module 1 Culmination - Photo Shoot     

Module II:
Photography and High Fashion Makeup with Hair Styling (60 Hours) 
  • Corrective Makeup Techniques
  • Coloured Photography Makeup
  • Black and White Photography Makeup
  • Makeup for Hi-definition TV and Film
  • Celebrity Makeup
  • Runway Makeup
  • Avante Gard Makeup
  • Intermediate Hairstyling
Module 2 Culmination - Photo Shoot

Module III:

Theater and Special Effects  (74 Hours)
A. Theater Makeup  (34 Hours)  P15,000.
  • Professional Supplies, Products and Tools
  • Theory, Principles and Lighting Effects
  • Straight Makeup 
  • Aging: Moderate and Extreme
  • Character Makeup
B. Special Effects  (40 Hours)   P18,500.
  • Professional Supplies, Products and Tools
  • Breakdown Makeup
  • Bruises:  Progression of bruises
  • Scrapes:   with and without bruising 
  • Cuts:   fresh and old
  • Burns:   1st, 2nd, 3rd degree
  • Injuries
Module 3 Culmination – Photo Shoot

Short Courses:

Bridal Makeup Artistry (22 Hours) 
Hair Styling 101  (12 Hours)
Intermediate Hair Styling  (12 Hours)
Intro to Pro Airbrush Makeup (4 Hours)
Eyebrow Design & Grooming (4 Hours)
Personal Makeup Skills  (3 Hours)
**Makeup testers available during Module 1 and 2 Class Sessions 

Summer come fast! i'm super excited coz mom told me that she'll let me attend MDA this summer. weeee! c: they also offer a complete course from module I-III which will earn you a 
Diploma Course on Master Makeup Artistry with Hair Styling, but i guess i'll just attend Module I this summer. I know mom won't spent too much for makeup lessons. Excited Much!

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  1. I was thinking of attending MUDA too or CAS.

    Thanks for following me. :)

  2. Good blog: You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned:) Television Makeup Artist Sydney