Friday, October 29, 2010

Sore Eyes is sooo0 not cool. :l

I hate!
My eyes still hasn't recovered from sore eyes.
I really don't know if the redness (my eye) is caused 
by sore eyes or just by irritation (eyeliner or contact lens) 
But whatever the cause is it is still so not cool.

I can't put eye makeup bec i'm afraid it might worsen the redness.haha (isthatabigdeal?)
Serious. i can't even visit my sister at the hospital because mom is afraid i might infect my sister and her baby (yes she just gave birth to an extremely cute baby boy c:)

Ending is that i'm stuck at home with nothing to do.
Well on a brighter note I at least dragged my lazy ass to do my nails
and update my planner/journal and edit pictures and watch vampire diaries.
t'was indeed a productive day foe mee.

It's RED but not swollen and it doesn't have a grainy feeling or whatsoever. So i was wondering am I being paranoid or is it really conjunctivitis? 

excess: This isn't the start of the 30 day blog challenge. I didn't leave the house today so I didn't feel like taking snap snaps of meself plus++ i'm freaking suffering from sore eyes. ugh I really hate. I'll do it tomorrow. I promise. :))

The reason why i thought that the redness might be caused by irritation is because I tried the "GYARU" look haha I think I failed. I just looked like someone who puts to much eyeliner. But it's still cute (for me) only i got red eye after that day. 



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