Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1 ~ A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Just started the 1st day of my blog challenge.
I know, i know I should have started it a few days ago(crappy internet connection)
but hey i'm starting it now gimme credits for tat. :D

Here: a photo of moi + how my day was

Red eye no moree!c:

I went to school to finish my clearance because by November 3 the classes will start again and I, the lazy me, still haven't gone to school to get the class card (from last semester :s). 

I tried getting my grades but they told me I have to finish my clearance first, i was told to pay some fees at the cashiers office so that the professors would sign my clearance. So I went to the cashier to pay. 

when i get there my friend was waiting for me and he was holding a ticket which has "888" in it, I knew already what it was so i was like "WTF? seriouly how long are we going to wait before we could pay for some stupid fee" i was furious because they were serving #300++ at that time and we're going to wait for like more or less 500 people. i really hate waiting plus I hate the weather it's hott then suddenly it'll rain, the rain just increase the humidity. 

we went to burger king for lunch since we knew that there is no way we're going to be called anytime soon. after lunch we went back to the cashiers office again to check what # is serving already. 

420! Great! what a progress!!. I stayed in BK for like 1 hour meaning they serve less than a hundred per hour. Im really bored but I have no choice but to wait bec. I can't enroll on Nov 3 if I don't pay the effing fee. I'm really close to killing everyone that is near me when my sister's bf who is also studying in my school gave me a ticket #752. haha there isn't a huge distance from my former # but at least its a hundred less. I finished like 6 pm so apparently my college's office is closed already, I have to go back on Nov 3 to get my grades + enroll for the next semester which is also starting that day by the way.haha but I have no worries, this whole sem. i'll be doing ojt so I won't be going to school anymore unless the professors told us so. 

After paying, me and my friend went to Bubble Tea for dinner.
Love their new *Milk tea with mango bits. I really love it to bits. yum yum.
something to brighten up my ruined day.

Yum. I LOVE. <3
 Excess: Happy Halloween sweeties!! Hope y'all enjoy your day!

*****lots of HUGS and KISSES.



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  2. Aww your super pretty! I know this post is from November but sorry you had such a bad day! I know how you feel though. I loathed having to go to the financial aid office or the cashiers, there was always a long line & it didn't help much that I was such a procrastinator & would wait til the last minute for everything lol Glad you got to pay that day, anyway!

    That drink looks yummy! I've never had it. Where do they serve them?