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GYARU love!

Happy Halloween Sweeties!

These past few days i've been hooked with gyaru style, most girls are sporting this look nowadays bec. it's cute plus it's too girly. I really like.
So i surf the net for some tips on how to look gyaru-ish and i came across a very helpful article.

I wanted to share this with you guys so here it is:  

"Gyaru" meaning "gal", is a fashion trend that was started in Japanese cities around the late 80's
It's first incarnation was the Yamanba, meaning "mountain hag", if that gives you any idea about their appearance. They first started tanning their skin very darkly while applying white makeup. The clothing was barely there and extremely trendy. The style later gave into Manba, and then later into the more modern styles. You can find these girls hanging around the streets of Shibuya, and rarely Harajuku.

through the years lots of gyaru sub styles came up and you can choose according to which is most suited for you.

YAMANBA- This was the first incarnation. To achieve this look you must tan deep and apply white makeup. The hair should be blond or silver. The fashion is 90's style platforms, tube tops, neon colors, and Hawaiian motifs. This scene is dead.
MANBA- The newer form of Yamanba. Tans are a little less dark, and makeup is applied more artfully. This is where the commonly known "panda-face" make comes into play. The clothing here is also very brightly colored.
ROMANBA- Manba but with a "ro"mantic twist. Lots of pink and lace is used in this style. The Disney character Marie is very popular, as is Hello Kitty. Your style icon here is Ka~tan. This look has nothing to do with lolita.
KOGAL- This term refers to Gals who are still in high school. The key feature in this look is the schoolgirl uniform.
BGYARU- These Gals emulate the western hiphop and R&B scene. Dark tans and cornrows are common.
AMEKAJI- "American casual" style. Gals wear what is commonly scene in America, but with a little more effort. A very popular brand is Cocolulu. Mickey Mouse is very popular.
ONEEGYARU- Mature style. A look for those who are in their early to late 20's. It is more grown-up and sexy looking, dark colors are common. Lots of bling.
HIMEGYARU- Over the top princess style. The hair is huge and bouffant like, spiraling down to curls. Lots of pink, bows, roses, and lace. Jesus Diamante is the cult brand, La Parfait is worn as well.
HIMEKAJI- Casual princess look. Still lots of pink and bows, but much more manageable. Popular brands are Liz Lisa, and Tralala.
RASUTA- Rastafarian look. Think Bob Marly plus Bgyaru style. Lots of green, yellow, and red.
PSYCHEGAL- Bohemain hippie look. Long flowing dresses, long flowing hair, mostly browns.
ROKKU- Rock and biker style. Lots of dark color and hard elements like spikes and leather jackets, yet still feminine. Faux-hawks, plaid, and Vivienne Westwood are very popular.
HAADYGAL- A term coined by EGG magazine. Gals who follow Ed Hardy designs, also goes along with the brand JSG.
AGEJO- Hostess style. Mature gown style with himegyaru-esque hair, the tan is lighter. These girls work at "host clubs" and are very glamorous.
ONIIGYARU- Older brother style. Tomboy look but still with girly elements such as the makeup, hair, and sometimes heels. Kanako is your girl

Being tanned skin is the most important thing when you are sporting a gyaru look.

The most important thing really is to be tan. Manbas are the darkest tan, and Agejos have the lightest tan.
It's true that tanning isn't as extreme as it used to be, but it's still the most decided factor in Gyaru style, so please don't skip out on it.
There are a couple different ways to achieve a tan. You can

A.) Tan in the sun
B.) Tan in a salon bed. Some people say this is safer than in the sun, this is not true. ALL UV rays are harmful.
C.) Get a spray on tan in a salon. No harmful UV rays! If you breath in the mist it can be dangerous. This usually costs ~$20.
D.) Self-tanners. Can be either lotion or spray, I prefer spray. I recommend Hempz brand for sprays and ST. Tropez fake bake xtreme for lotions.
E.) Gradual tanners. These are lotions that gradually tan you over a week, I find them to be streaky. Jergens brand is best

Hair is bleached, blond is the most common, older styles were silver or neon colors. The popular style today is a light copper orange.
The styling of that hair ranges from look to look, however it is usually big and consisting of curls.

Gals always have well manicured nails, often very over-the-top. They usually consist of many rhinestones, pearls, deco-den, and acrylic accents.

Circle lenses really help "push" the gal envelope. They make your eyes look larger and more watery. Many styles and brands exist, the most popular being Nudys and GEOs.
They are around 14 mm in diameter, about the size of normal colored contacts. The difference with these being that the color extends all the way to the edges.

There are several makeup tutorials you can find with a quick google search. I will give you a basic guide here.

1.) Shape you eyebrows into a nice arch and trim them short
2.) Insert circle lenses. If you have single-lids, tape them up.
3.) Apply a foundation That matches your tanned skin.
4.) Apply eyeshadow, colors are usually neutral. Try to go for a smokey eye.
4.) Apply a liberal amount of black liquid eyeliner.
5.) Put long false lashes on the top lid, and shorter ones on the bottoms lid.
6.) Use a dark brown powder or a bronzer to shade the side bridges of your nose. You can also use a white powder to highlight your center nose bridge and the apples of your cheeks.
7.) Use bronzer or blush on your cheekbones.
8.) Use nude lipstick on your lips.

Popular makeup brands are MAC and Chanel. Gals can be brand whores sometimes.

Life the Gyaru lifestyle Go shopping for trendy clothes that suit your style. Bling and deco-den everything you have! Always carry your makeup. Join a Gal-cir and learn a ParaPara routine. Read the magazines EGG and Popteen. Go out and go clubbing!

Get wild and be sexy!!

Credits to:  How to Be Gyaru (japanese Fashion) |

All in all gyaru look is quite hard to achieve especially when you're fair skinned. I'm a natural tan so i think it might be a little easy for me but the hair i don't think i'll be allowed to color my hair copper.haha so i think i'll just try the gyaru makeup look. 

here are some pics:

This is love.c:

excess: I like HIMEKAJI best! hope y'all enjoyed the article.



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