Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 3 ~ Your idea of a perfect first date

I'm a superr lazy person. this whole 30 day blog challenge idea was to motivate to post everyday until i reach the 30th. 

but still a lazy person is a lazy person no challenge can change him/her. haha.

so here i am, trying to finish this sh*t (that i regret doing/starting). 
on serious note, the reason why i went on a hiatus was bec i started my ojt a few days ago
and i went from being a BUM ble bee to a BUSY bee
the school requires 300 hours ojt in a hotel ++ 300 hours also in a restaurant.
I picked the restaurant first since it's really hard to find a hotel that accept practicumers
I hate working in a restaurant, it's like doing house chores several times a day. 
that's too much work for a person who doesn't even wash her own plate. :((

plus i can't sit down (we're not allowed to sit down) imagine 9hrs of work shift less 1hr break w/c means 8hrs of standing opening the effing door for the guest, greeting them good day while my feet is hurting like hell. 

well i should stop ranting because i need this job. i need to finish this 300effinghrs (+ 300 more fore hotel) to graduate, so i might as well make the most of it. i must learn from this. 

back to my idea of a perfect first date...

hmmm?? i have no idea of how a perfect first date should go. seriously. All i know is that a date with a perfect (someone you reallyx100 like) person would be beyond perfect. say  Chris Evans or Ian Somerhalder? :)) LOVE.LOVE.LOVE

The Perfect Hero (as Human Torch & soon will be Captain America *can't wait)

The Perfect Anti-hero (Damon Salvatore *Vampire Diaries)

Who do you think is hotter?? :]





  1. Definately the 1st one!!!!
    Here is my blog, for whenever you feel like visiting!Dont forget to participate in the prize giveaway!Love from Athens!

  2. Hey girl! What are you studying?! I have my degree in Hotel Management, not sure if thats what your studying, but its great, have been working at the Marriott hotel for almost 4 years, doing reception, restaurant and banquet... i love this industry :)

  3. i think chris evans is sooo cute! :D

    p.s. i am a new follower.

    <3, Mimi

  4. Thank you for following my blog! :)

    Wow this is a difficult, but of them are hot. But I would love to have a date with Ian :D Super hot!

  5. Ian Somerhalder all the way!!! ^_^
    He is so sexy!!!!

  6. Ian Somerhalder all the way too! :D haha!


  7. its ian definitely!! hes so hot, and when he lifts up his eyebrow ;) grrr
    cmon look at this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63OQrKH8Ihc

  8. Ian Somerhalder is so F***ing Hott!

  9. Ian!!! Ian!!! Ian!!!so in love with him!!! thank you for stopping by my blog and following!!! thank you! xo

  10. Ian!! So hot and nice...