Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 13 ~ Your favorite musician and why?

Hey dolls i'm back from my mini hiatus again and I thought I should drop this Sunday laziness and do something productive for a change. I have been working for a month now and it sure is hard to adjust from bum life to life with work. I kind of miss my sedentary lifestyle. But then no matter how long I stay a loafer time will come that I have to man up and be more independent so it's better to start now. :D

There are three things i learned from having a job: first, elevator rides won't kill you (yes i got over my biggest fear! i feel like a grownup already haha) second, budgeting is the real killer! it's killing me slowly -_-'' and third, once you start to earn your own money you can never go back  to being your "shopaholic" and "impulsive buyer" self. :'(

Back to my once in a long while blog challenge (long way to go but at least i'm trying to finish what i started. Yeah!) please continue reading and give me love. :b

Here goes my most loved musicians:


I love Keri Hilson, Nicki Minaj & Rihanna because their songs give you an idea of how it's like to fight for what you want, and moving on, and letting go, and the list goes on. Their songs are the songs I sing with my eyes closed even when i'm in a public place. (Kidding that's crazy :| hahaha)
I'm not into kpop but I love C.L. of 2ne1 simply because she's Seoul City's baddest female :))

Who's your favorite musician sweeties? 

excess: Enjoy your week dolls and tell me about it. Big hug! 


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