Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The teenage dream

Hey dolls! How are y'all doing? Forgive me if I lose anyone because of this post. Forgive me also if I sound wayy too emotional. This post is soooo not me. (not anymore, well I used to be)

I know y'all would be like "what the eff is this crazy girl talking about?" but ohh well I already said sorry.

"maybe it's because he's my teenage dream. Maybe because his kind made my cheeks blush and my heart skip a beat way back my teenage years. Maybe it is physical attraction, maybe it is even more. Maybe because of the respect maybe because of the compliments. The sad thing is it's not meant to be. He's not interested. It's just a crush that makes your teenage fantasy come alive. It's exciting and I'm happy but it will never ever be worth it."

There I said it. I better be done with this craziness. *Insert #foreveralone face

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  1. Hello! Awwww...cheer up, beautiful! :)

    Anyway, please check out my blog shop if you have time. I haven't uploaded anything yet, but I will soon. You might just find something you'll like! Thanks!