Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 14 ~ A T.V. show you're currently addicted to

It's only tuesday and I already feel that I've already consumed all my stamina reserved for the whole week. Seriously MRT (train) people are like warriors. Our gov't can use them in wars. front liners. and the opposing team won't stand a chance (of course i ride the train for women, and yes i'm talking about ladies). Everyday i'm squished, pushed then pulled, bumped, and squished again. FML! yes everyday. during weekdays. 5 effing days. double FML! I'm thankful i still have my Saturdays and Sundays to let my bones recover and go back to their proper places again. I can't believe i'm saying this so early but "I need rest". :3 Train rides are srsly much more strenuous than my actual job. I'll stop ranting now and move on with this post.

Now back to my current t.v. addiction....

I love watching The Walking Dead, excitement + suspense overload. I know it's gross sometimes (okay most of the time) but i feel the need to watch specially now that the zombie apocalypse (i think) might just happen. Kidding. No srsly i watch walking dead to be ready for zombie apocalypse. do I sound crazy?! But I also watched Zombieland for the same reason. Now i don't just sound crazy. I am crazy! or maybe because of my growing love for Steven Yeun (korean guys y u so cute? <3<3)

Now i'm not sure if I just want to be ready for zombie apocalypse or i just want spend some time watching Steven Yeun run and become sweaty and take off his shirt. Guess i'll just stick to my former reason and risk sounding crazy than my latter reason and appear like a total perv. hahaha

p/s: Enjoy the rest of your week dolls and take good care of yourselves. This perverted crazy girl here LOOOOVE y'all!

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