Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 15 ~ Something you don't leave the house without

Of course it will be my kitty berry that looks so pretty with red ribbon on. :))
It's crazy how technology control us no. I'm not exactly into using my phone (i.e., texting, calling, games, etc.) but for emergency purposes and the security i get knowing my mom or whoever i might need at some random circumstances is just a phone call away. (this is a wholesome blog i'm not referring to booty calls or the likes :3 lolol) I'm lost without my phone w/c got me wondering how did i manage before? 

For non techy things I never leave the house without a mini flashlight and a whistle. Months ago I never really cared if I have these survival thingies with me or not but after seeing the havoc the earthquake left at the southern part of my country, (happened months ago) I now prefer to bring it with me anywhere I go. 

I know these won't totally save my life but still if things like that happen and i'm still alive under a huge fragment of something, number 1 rule I know is to conserve whatever's left of my energy, meaning don't move and shout for help use the whistle instead. As for the flashlight you can also use it to call help especially at night time. Our eyes are VERY sensitive to light, that'll increase your chance of being found even if you don't shout or do unnecessary movements. Bringing things like these doesn't mean that you're wishing for bad things to happen just so you could test their effectiveness, it's always better to be ready. OMG I sound like my mom! hahaha :D

P/s: sorry for crappy pix.
p/p/s: sorry for crappy post im desperate to update my blog -_-"
p/p/p/s:if anyone of you is a BB user, let's interact! 222B98C9



  1. My mobile is a must have for me too. Can't leave house without it :) xo

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