Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm back!

Hi everyone, this blog is back and runnin' again. Finally. The past months have been crazy for me. Well crazy good on most part. I'll start with I already left good ol' motherland and is now living in Australia for two months now. And so far despite the homesickness and all, I can say that life is better here. The clothes are waaaaayyyyy cheaper need i say more? (Only because of end-of-season sale but whatevs, closeout is always a good idea). By the way i've changed the blog's name and design to a simpler one and I also plan to write about other topics like fashion, makeup, nails and whatnot so expect some outfit posts, tutorials and nail art ideas from time to time. I will still rant about my life for those who are interested, if there are any. Lol. That's all for now. Still compiling pics for my next post. Have a good weekend loves.
*kisses from me and my cute nephew!


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